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Satirical Drama

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103 min


Main competition at Zürich FF (world premiere) 


Christian Lollike
Christian Lollike, Sigrid Johannesen


Nicolas Bro, Bahar Pars, Tina Gylling Mortensen, Emma Seested Høgh

Production Company
Tales Inc Copenhagen

Kim Magnusson, Maj Andersson, Michael Fleischer

Release Date
5. January 2023 by Scandinavian Film Distribution


Faced with impending bankruptcy, cake factory owner Niels Agger decides to commit suicide. But his failure to even get this right only adds to his already depresses state. Wife Else tries to save the factory by asking daughter June and son-in-law Jonny for help. With their business school expertise they propose a comprehensive modernisation focusing on the production of healthy cakes. But Niels cannot cope with these new ideas and instead diverts his attention to falling in love with the factory’s new cleaning lady, Zeinab.


Kim Magnusson


Kim Magnusson founded M&M Productions with his father, Tivi Magnusson. Headhunted to run Nordisk Film’s Film Division as CEO from 2003 – 2009. In the years 1995-2021 he has produced or EP’ed more than 140 films. He has been Oscar® nominated in the category “Live Action Short Film” six times, and won the coveted award 2 times, in 1999 for Election Night and in 2014 for Helium. Kim Magnusson has been the chairman of the Danish Producers Association for 9 years (most ever), as well as chairman of the Danish Film Academy for 20 yrs.


Maj Andersson


Maj Andersson started her carrier producing several short films with upcoming talent from Denmark, while she worked as a producer assistant at the Danish production company SAM Productions, where she assisted the development producer. From 2016-2020 she worked in different production companies as a development producer, and in postproduction. From 2020 she has worked at Tales Inc. in cooperation with producer Kim Magnusson, and The Cake Dynasty is her first feature film.

Michael Fleischer


Michael Fleischer was from 2000 to 2014 CEO at S/F Film A/S, where he distributed, and was executive producer, on several series and film in Denmark including Silent Heart, Those Who Kill, The Candidate among others. Michael Fleischer is today CEO at Scandinavian Film Distribution – a newly started distribution company with focus on Scandinavian talent and offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Exclusive Clip



“In my opinion, The Cake Dynasty is a new type of Danish narrative, written with coarse-grained humor. It is a love story between two people who – who in each own way – feels alienated. The goal is to put the two most central themes in the Danish consciousness into play: the perception of immigrants and health fanaticism. In their own way, I believe these two themes dominate, or perhaps even haunt, the Danes today. With The Cake Dynasty, I want to unfold these themes through a rather grotesque narrative and imagery, making it possible for the audience to see themselves portrayed in a dark, humorous way. In short, I want to give the Danes the opportunity to ventilate their pinched anxiety through laughter.”


Christian Lollike is a rewarded Danish playwright, director, and artistic director at the Sort/Hvid theater in Copenhagen. Christian Lollike has worked with theater, film, sculpture, concert, opera, ballet and performance art – often based on specific political events. His drama is known in Denmark as well as in Europe, where he has caused debate and excitement with his entertaining and controversial performances. Many of his works have been translated into several languages. He regularly works on the biggest stages in Europe and has also received several awards both as a playwright and a director. Christian Lollike makes film under the artist’s name, KOLLEKTIVET (The Collective). With KOLLEKTIVET, Lollike introduces a new way of working which revolts against the idea of the director as a genius. He sees collaborating as genius, rather than the individual.


Nicolas Bro

Niels Agger

Nicolas Bro is an award winning and acknowledged Danish actor, who is known for his several acts in films as Adams Apples, Riders of Justice and are to be seen in the new season of The Kingdom by Lars Von Trier.

Bahar Pars


Bahar Pars is a Swedish-Iranian actress, who is known for the Oscar nominated A man called Ove as well as a myriad of tv shows. The Cake Dynasty marks her first major role outside of Sweden.

Tina Gylling Mortensen

Else Agger

Tina Gylling is a Danish actress, who has a lot of experience both on the Danish film and theatre scene. Tina has appeared in the Oscars nominated film In a Better World by Susanne Bier and has played in several plays in The Royal Danish Theatre.  

Emma Sehested Høeg


Emma Sehested Høeg is a shooting star in Denmark, who has impressed the Danish theatre scene with her own play Lolita for altid, and her own miniseries Skyld, broadcasted on The Danish Brodcasting Corporation.

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